Edward is available for speaking engagements.

In addition to his business background he has been a professional improviser and has performed stand-up comedy around the world. He has coached improv comedy teams to the Canadian National Championships and was a finalist at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. His primary message is around simplicity and how your organization can excel by avoiding excellence and focusing on being good enough. His speeches are a mix of humor, storytelling and compelling data. The speech can be customized for your industry.

Jason Goldlist (CMO WealthSimple) says, “Edward is awesome. While most speakers share head-nodding affirmations, Ed challenges convention with counter-intuitive insights that seem hard to believe at first, but as true as ever by the time he’s finished. And he does it all with exceptional story-telling skill and stand-up humour. He’s simply one of the best speakers I have ever seen.”

Alex Norman (Founder HomeSav; Managing Director TechToronto) says, “If you can get Edward to headline your event I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is one thing to get the audience engaged (which he does!) but it’s another thing to get them focused on the right things. Edward does that. He speaks to even the most cynical audience members and brings them onside to the vision delivering impact without getting bogged down in unnecessary complications. Hire him!”

Scott Peifer (Vice President, Aging2.0) says, “Ed was a crowd favorite. He lifted the energy in the room and immediately connected with the audience. It’s not easy to take a delicate subject and link it to both fulfillment of mission and attending to the bottom line. Ed managed to do so while providing strategic insights on consumer trends and behavior.”

Leanna Chaffee (Director, LeadingAge Kansas) says, “I love Edward’s content and delivery. He is exciting and informative. I saw the spark of new ideas he generated in attendees. I was so impressed I hired him! He was great to work with and delivered a wonderful keynote. He knows his stuff.”

To schedule a discussion on bringing Edward to your organization please reach out to Edward [at] BeGoodEnough [dot] com.

Here are some sample speeches to give you an idea of his style:

At #TechVan Edward gave a ten minute speech on the introduction to being Good Enough


At #TechTO Edward gave a speech on why Personalization is a bad business strategy.


At AgeTech West Edward spoke about how technology is changing the world of Senior Housing.